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30 common challenges to DevOps and how to resolve them

Posted May, 2017 in TechBeacon

As DevOps becomes mainstream, many teams are asking themselves, “Where do I start with my DevOps adoption?” “What challenges am I likely to face along the way?” and, “How do I resolve those challenges?” These are just a few of the recurring concerns I heard from enterprise DevOps teams during a series of focus groups I ran over the past year. From those sessions, I've compiled a list of the most common challenges DevOps teams say they face, along with solutions that just might help shape or refine your own DevOps journey.

The DevOps (R)evolution: Part 1

Posted June, 2016 in DZone

There is no doubting that DevOps is the new kid on the block; every organization I talk with these days has a vague notion of what DevOps is and a sense of which DevOps practices they would like to introduce. There are, however, three recurring concerns that can be addressed by recognizing that the shift to a DevOps world is not a revolution, but an evolution of the rich heritage of delivery practices, some of which you are probably already applying.

The DevOps (R)evolution: Part 2

Posted June, 2016 in DZone

Part 1 of this blog post suggested that we should recognize that the shift to a DevOps world is not a revolution, but an evolution of our rich heritage of delivery practices. In part 2 I conclude my summary of the different eras of "best practice" before addressing the questions originally posed.

DevOps is a Risky Business

Posted May, 2016 in

I spend a considerable amount of time with clients discussing DevOps and the potential value it can bring to them, but there is one theme that always resonates: the ability of a DevOps approach to eliminate risk. While many of us understand the benefits in terms of being faster (improved productivity), cheaper (reduced cost) and better (improved quality), I find that a conversation based around risk, especially when talking to the business or department heads, usually gets straight to their concerns in a language they understand.

Business Agility

Posted October, 2011 in Blogger

Thoughts on the meaning of business agility, and the relevance of IT.

What does Enterprise Architecture mean to you?

Posted January, 2010 in Blogger

I delivered some enablement yesterday for my colleagues and one item that resonated is Alan Brown's list of possible interpretations of what EA might mean to any given organisation.

The 10 Keys to Successful Architecting

Posted August, 2009 in Blogger

I've been using the following "Top 10" keys to successful architecting lately - since it allows me to touch on almost every aspect of architecting - you might find it useful.